Towns and cities of East Bavaria

Do something different - escape everyday routine - satisfy your appetite for something new. Nine vibrant towns in east Bavaria : nowhere else will you find conference venues rubbing shoulders with sites of cultural interest, or pretty shops, gourmet restaurants, romantic spots and leisure facilities in such close proximity to each other.

Weiden, Amberg, Neumarkt, Regensburg, Straubing, Deggendorf, Dingolfing, Passau, Landshut - each town has a unique atmosphere. Visitors will experience open-hearted charm and pure joie de vivre.

Big experiences within a small area. The range of art and culture in these eight east Bavarian towns is fascinating. Architectural masterpieces, treasure troves and unusual museums turn a voyage of discovery into a cultural adventure.Whatever you are interested in - speciality restaurants, night life, window shopping, boat trips, bike trips, mountain biking or golf - the East Bavarian Eightsome has something for everyone. Not only outdoor types will enjoy exploring parks, lakes, river banks, open air pools and walking routes, or taking advantage of countless alfresco dining opportunities. Got the children with you? No problem - attractions such as zoos, haunted castles, special city tours and adventure playgrounds are guaranteed to take them by storm.

Fall under the enchanted by what's on offer. Discover something new, something typical, something funny...

Deggendorf on the Danube

There is a 800m difference in altitude within this town. Culture and breathtaking landscape extend beyond borders, crossing the Danube into Bohemia.

Dingolfing – event-filled

The river of Isar is crossing  the city of Dingolfing and divides the oldtown in  the south from the newtown.

Experience Amberg!

Rich in history, Amberg is remarkable for its impressive historical buildings. At the same time it is a modern town boasting a broad range of cultural events.

Landshut - historical and romantic

Enjoy the zest and charm of a real "feel good" town. Landshut combines Gothic majesty with the lively atmosphere of a town full of energy.

Neumarkt/Oberpfalz - good for you!

Maybach – the luxury car brand in the city of Neumarkt... Neumarkt in the Upper Palatinate is worth discovering - either by going on a guided tour of the old town centre, or by enjoying a shopping expedition followed by a delicious meal in a restaurant.

Passau - The City on Three Rivers

Passau is a lively modern town and history city. Located near the Austrian and Czech border, Passau is one of the most fascinating places in Europe with charm matching beauty, history matching culture, and art matching life.

Regensburg – Germany’s medieval miracle

UNESCO World Heritage since 2006

Straubing - enjoy tradition, enjoy life

Welcome to Straubing, in the heart of Bavaria. Enjoy a journey back in time through the eventful history of this ducal city on the banks of the Danube.

Weiden - a town to fall in love with

The lively, friendly, energetic town on the River Waldnaab lies in the heart of the Upper Palatinate Forest.

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