There can’t be many places that, when you glance quickly at them on a map, immediately communicate a feel for their inner qualities. East Bavaria is one of them. Even to the casual observer, the resemblance to a furled leaf is obvious: through the midst runs the stalk and central vein - the river Danube – dividing this 20,000 square kilometre large chunk of green into a smaller, flatter left side and a bigger, right section that rears up in mountainous crumples. Embedded like nodules on the surface amongst the lighter patches which denote clearings and the darker speckles that represent the forests, nestle nine towns and cities. Germanys oldest National Park is lying in the Bavarian Forest. The area is protected for 54 years and offers a spectacular and valuable insight into Nature. And just like Nature, East Bavaria spoils both the visitor and its 2,25 million inhabitants with varied landscapes, changing colours and century old traditions all the year round.