Recharging your batteries at the Rottal Terme in Bad Birnbach.

Bavarian Golf and Spa Country

The largest thermal spa landscape in Europe

Sporty, rustic and always healthy: this sums up the five spas and thermal baths (Bad Füssing, Bad Griesbach, Bad Birnbach, Bad Gögging and Bad Abbach) of the Bavarian Golf and Spa Country. 
Feel the impact of the healing water of Bad Abbach.
Feel the impact of the healing water of Bad Abbach. – © Kurverwaltung Bad Abbach
Bad Gögging & Bad Abbach

Natural mud, sulphur and thermal water make Bavaria's Bad Gögging rather unique. Nowhere else can the three natural remedies be used simultaneously. Guests of the modern spa town bathe in the Limes-Therme thermal baths, drink the waters and benefit from the effect of the natural mud. The history of the Kaiser-Therme in Bad Abbach also goes back a long way. Emperor Charles V was so taken by the healing power of the sulphurous springs that he regularly stayed there, indeed giving the Kaiser-Therme its name. 

Lower Bavarian spa triangle

When drillings teams got to work in the 1930s on their search for crude oil, they instead came across hot water at a temperature of 56 degrees and a depth of 1,000 metres; this was the birth of the Lower Bavarian spa triangle comprising Bad Füssing, Bad Griesbach and Bad Birnbach

The great effectiveness of the thermal water justified the development of Bad Füssing to become the most popular health resort and most visited thermal spa in Europe. Three thermal springs and the large centre for traditional Chinese medicine make the spa town unique. 

Curative thermal water from a depth of up to 1,522 metres also bubbles in the wellness pools at Bad Griesbach. The biggest golf resort in Europe is located in Bad Griesbach, where VIPS can be spotted playing a round from time to time, like Franz Beckenbauer, for example. 

The more rural spa in this trio is Bad Birnbach. Here, you can immerse yourself in a world of wellbeing through water, warmth and the idyllic countryside of the Rottal Valley. Ten different saunas, a salt stone grotto, themed relaxation rooms and a room with an open fireplace make up the 31 thermal pools of the Rottal Therme. A distinctive feature is the 100-metre-long thermal stream which snakes its way through an elaborately designed outdoor area, the “garden of the senses”.