Von der Veste Oberhaus habt Ihr einen fantastischen Ausblick!

Passau - The City on Three Rivers

Passau is a lively modern town and history city. 

Located near the Austrian and Czech border, Passau is one of the most fascinating places in Europe with charm matching beauty, history matching culture, and art matching life.
Danube, Inn and Ilz 

Its distinctive ambience making the city’s extraordinary beauty is provided by the interplay of the sights and the historic centre with its narrow and winding little streets and alley-ways. Passau’s unique location at the confluence of the three rivers Danube, Inn and Ilz has also made the town a cultural and artistic centre of a kind.

The baroque old-town offer several sights in walking distance. The most impressing highlights of every visit are the St. Steven’s cathedral with the greatest church organ of the world, the fortress Veste Oberhaus with an unique panoramic view of the city and the sumptuously ornamented rooms of the old city hall. 

You shouldn’t miss a city tour by boat which gives you an impression of the extraordinary beauty of Passau.

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