View over Dingolfing

Dingolfing – event-filled

Oldtown and Newtown

Dingolfing is a truly extraordinary place – to live, to work, to enjoy, and to stay. Our town fuses rural charm with urban flair.
Dingolfing and the river isar

The beautiful River Isar is a quintessential part of Dingolfing. The Isar floodplains and the nearby Stadtwald forest have plenty to offer nature lovers just a stone’s throw from town. No matter which type of outdoor pursuit you enjoy – whether exploring on foot, by bike or e-bike –  Dingolfing is blessed with a plethora of stunning trails to quickly get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Let off some steam, soak up the surroundings and recharge your batteries. Dingolfing nestles idyllically at 365 meters above sea level within a landscape of rolling hills. This wonderful topography is the “pulse” of the region. The transitions between town and country are fluid here, with boundaries blurred between the urban and rural. You can begin any excursion into the countryside just a few minutes away from the town centre. The roots of the original settlement date back to the Middle Ages. Otto II, Duke of Wittelsbach, founded the present-day “Upper Town” next to an older settlement area near St. John’s parish church in 1251, and he is considered the town’s forefather. A wall dating back to the 14th century separated this part of town from the “Lower Town”. Only the Isar divides the Old Town and the New Town. But no recounting of Dingolfing’s history would be complete without mentioning the name Hans Glas. His decision to settle in Dingolfing in 1907 brought jobs and prosperity to the area. The success story of Glas’ company only continued when it was acquired by BMW in 1967. And that is Dingolfing in a nutshell: Prosperity paired with charm – and a life by the river.