Blick von der Jahninsel auf die Altstadt von Regensburg

Regensburg – Germany’s medieval miracle

UNESCO World Heritage since 2006

Regensburg’s buildings and towers were left virtually unscathed during the World Wars and that’s why some of the city’s awesome structures have survived for 2.000 years. The Stone Bridge has been in continuous use for more than 800 years and is obviously not just a tourist attraction today.
The history, sights and landmarks are so densely packed that they can be discovered on foot.

Regensburg’s most famous ecclesiastical building is the Gothic St. Peter’s Cathedral. One of the most impressive remnants of Roman occupation in Regensburg is the Porta Praetoria behind the cathedral.
Shopping: Commerce in Regensburg is as old as the town itself. During the Middle Ages the city grew large and famous through the wealth of its merchants. It is still a merchants’ town with its modern shopping centres, high quality wares and independent boutiques in the Old Town.

Food and Drinks: The ancient Wurstküche is one of Germany’s oldest sausage kitchens near the Stone Bridge. But also numerous hotels, restaurants and beer gardens fulfil the culinary wishes of their guests.